UPDATE - January 9, 2016 11:46am


Dear Members, 

An agreement was reached between the Province of Ontario and the OPSEU Corrections Bargaining team early this morning. The deal includes a stand-alone Collective Agreement for Corrections (this means, in the future, they will bargain completely separately from the rest of the OPS) and binding arbitration on wage issues.

See the official statements from OPSEU, and the Government. If you are interested in further details, please follow OPSEU's Crisis in Corrections issues feed.

You should not encounter any picket lines when you report to work on Monday morning.

Congratulations to our Corrections sisters and brothers who stood strong for their demands. The fight for safe and humane conditions in our Correctional Institutions and reasonable and effective caseloads and policies for Probation and Parole Officers has just begun. 

In Solidarity,

January 8, 2016 1:31pm

Dear Members, 

As you may know, our brothers and sisters in Corrections, including Ontario Correctional Institutions, adult and youth Probation and Parole are facing a strike deadline of 12:01am this Sunday, January 10. They are fighting not only for a fair contract, but to improve the deplorable and often unsafe working conditions they face every day. Learn more about the Crisis in Corrections.

Their fight is our fight!

Here is a message from your Toronto Executive Board Members about How YOU Can Help

It is possible that in order to report to work as early as Monday morning, you may need to interact with a picket line. Please read this important summary about what to do if there is a picket line at your workplace.

Here are the MOST important things to remember

  • The picketers have a legal right to be there, and to inform you about their strike. Be respectful.
  • You may be delayed. You are still obligated to report to work as usual, but cannot be penalized for a delay that is not in your control. Be patient.
  • If it is unsafe to enter your workplace, remove yourself to a safe location and inform your unit steward and your direct manager asap. Be safe.
  • You should never be asked to do work that arises as a result of the strike. Please approach a steward if you have a concern about a duty assigned to you. Be aware.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to join the picket line, or show your support by bringing food/drink/a kind word to the picketers. Please note: supporting the lines has to be on your own time eg. before work, after work, on your lunch break. BE AN ALLY!

If you have any questions, please speak to your local steward or contact us.

In Solidarity,