Stewards List

Below is a full list of our Stewards by office. If you are a member of our local you can request support from any steward on this list, though we recommend you choose a steward from your unit. If you are not able to approach a steward in person, please contact us.
  1. Golden Mile - 1880 Eglinton Ave. East, Unit 139

    Gina Faturos (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Lorraine Lord

    Lonnette Taylor

    Evelyn Fox

    Saru Nirmalu

    Krista Burns

    Bryna Crombie

  2. Lawrence Heights - 786 Lawrence Ave West

    Rosemary Mirigliani (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Cintia Perez

    Anna Mateus

    Michael Bacchus
  3. Parkdale - 340 Dufferin Street

    Natalie Wright (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Alberto Rossi

    Stephanie Muse

  4. Toronto Regional Office - 375 University Ave

    Michelle Newton (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Zuby Rahim

  5. Wellesley Place - 111 Wellesley St E

    Jermaine Graham (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Patricia Mitchell

    Keisha Walcott

    Robert Hampsey

    Wendy Zhang

    Timothy Krizner

    Jordan Nott

  6. Willowdale - 47 Sheppard Ave E

    Michelle Signorile (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Narissa Ali

    Guy Paquin Belle-Isle

  7. Yorkgate - 1 Yorkgate Blvd

    Chris Cassel (Unit Steward/LERC rep)

    Paulette Mackenzie

    Shobi Sankarsingh

    Nicole Faraone

    Morice Jack



Trustees do not act as stewards of the local. They are members at large who review and sign-off on the quarterly budget reports (known as TARS) prepared by our Treasurer. This is mandatory for the the local to remain in good standing with OPSEU and receive dues rebates used to serve the needs of the membership.

Al Devine

Carlos Lazaro


Each OPSEU Local is assigned a staff representative. The staff representative is an employee of OPSEU who works with the Local Executive Committee to provide guidance and serve the needs of the membership. 

Art Slade